Translation Services

Depending on the size of your translation project, we use a dedicated translator or a team of translators who work in close collaboration. This way you are guaranteed a consistent style and cultural norms throughout your documents.

We translate documents in a variety of formats, including Power Point presentations, Excel spreadsheets, manuals, technical specifications and bidding documents.


Interpreting Services

Our interpreters are highly experienced professionals with linguistic and technical knowledge that is evident in the quality of the services rendered. Our teams travel throughout the world to provide high quality interpreting services to our diverse client base.

Geller Translations provides interpreting services for:

  • International Conferences
  • Business Meetings
  • International Negotiations
  • Technical discussions
  • Training courses
  • Workshops

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental

  • Wireless Transmitters
  • Wireless Receivers
  • Sound-proof booth
  • A/V Equipment
  • Sound Technician