Since 1994, Geller Translations has been a leader in technical and legal translations for the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and medical industries. The expertise of senior, qualified translators, interpreters, and linguists provides the precision and integrity that differentiates Geller Translations from other translating and interpreting firms.

Our President

Veronica Geller


Veronica Geller is the President of Geller Translations, founded in 1994. Geller Translations provides translation and interpreting services for the oil and gas industry, medical, pharmaceutical industries, NASA and several governments including the governments of France, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ivory Coast, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Geller Translations prides itself in providing impeccable service and high standards of customer service.  Integrity, commitment to service and accuracy characterize the values that drive the company.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Veronica was educated in a bilingual school; English-Spanish, and holds a Certificate of Proficiency in English from the University of Cambridge, England.  She learned French in elementary school, German in college and Russian during her early professional career.


Our Expertise


Legal & Business

Proposals, Contracts and Bids
Conferences and Meetings
Training Courses and Workshops

Oil & Gas

Geological and geophysical surveys
Drilling and logging reports
Process control systems
Construction and equipment installation
Health, safety and environmental protection
Production Sharing Contracts
Environmental Impact Studies

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Medical conferences
Specialized courses for foreign visiting doctors

Our Services


Translation Services

Depending on the size of your translation project, we use a dedicated translator or a team of translators who work in close collaboration. This way you are guaranteed a consistent style and cultural norms throughout your documents.

Interpreting Services

Our interpreters are highly experienced professionals with linguistic and technical knowledge that is evident in the quality of the services rendered. Our teams travel throughout the world to provide high quality interpreting services to our diverse client base.


Among Our Clients